Yii generate crud and module

hello, I have generated crud and module with Gii and it seems that I can generate only veiw controller. I can’t modify or create content. when I press create it shows the same list output. so can you help me?


is the same as


that is list of articles

It may be fault of urls so here is my main.php config
















The rule

'<controller:\w+>/<cact:\w+>/<action:\w+>' => '<controller>/<cact>'

matches both admin/articles/create and admin/articles/index and returns route "admin/articles" which means "default (index) action of articles controller in admin module" in this case.

What’s the purpose of <action:\w+> in that rule?

oh, thank you very much. I deleted that rule and now everything works fine. I don’t remember why I put the rule there. But now everything works like a charm. Thank you, again.