Yii Gallery Test Project

Hi I am new to Yii Framework, and also MVC. I have a great experience working on core php, with OOP. I have plan to create a small gallery application on it. Please guide in following things.

  1. In core PHP if we develop some CMS for administrator, so that they can manage the content of website. What I do normally, create a folder named myapplication/cms/ there i placed login.php/index.php for login page. We have different GUI there, rather than the main GUI.

My first question how can I achieve this thing in Yii framework, and please clarify the theme concept.

so far at beginning I have this main issue. I hope I can get so many things clear at this part.


The best way would be to create a module for administration and use standard logging system build into Yii and just set that whole page is accessible for all users (including guests), while administration module is accessible only for logged-in users. You do this in controller file. It is perfectly shown in Yii demo application. Have you even tried to run it?

This is just a quick answer, as you are asking many questions that were asked (and anserwerd) many times in the forum and are perfectly covered in available documentation for Yii or in pages like yiianswers.com.

Read on documentation, watch screencasts, search forum and Internet (more and more blogs on Yii), do something instead of asking questions and waiting that someone will bring you a ready to use solution.