Yii framework with XSLT views

I am new to Yii Framework and i was wondering if it is possible to use xslt view with Yii. I have searched google but only found some russian forum links but didn’t found the answer there :(

I am looking for some kind a extension which is able to render xml and xsl to xhtml.

Thx :)

There’s none available for the time being. Working on it.

Oke thx for the replay :)

In case I raised too high expectations: It’ll take a while. All other available view renderers are backed by PHP in some way. XSL/T is a complete language on its own. The biggest problem atm is proper serialization of models.

BTW: I do not intend to write a renderer just for XHTML. I’ve got a general purpose renderer in mind that’ll allow you to produce XHTML, XSL:FO, Atom, RSS, WML, …


That will probably take a very long time.

Only thing that i can say is good luck :)

Dunno, I’m making rapid progress. I can already deliver simple views. I’ve found a way to call Yii::app()->* from within the XSL (not implemented it, though) and I’m getting better and better at passing entire models and their relations as parameters.

Hello Da:Sourcerer, given that its been a year plus and you probably had a lot of other things on your plate, were you able to create a stable extension? Thanks!

Well, I ended up with a solution that’s working good enough for me but is not nearly good enough for GA. One unsurpassable problem I’ve faced was the inability to call any of the Yii::app()->* service methods stemming from a limitation of PHP’s XSL processor.