Yii Framework Class Reference 1.1

Hi there,

I’ve extracted contents of CHM file for Yii Framework Class Reference 1.1 and used it to generate PDF, DOCX and MHT file formats for it. You can get them here. File is stored on Rapidshare.com, has 9.59 MB size and contains all three mentioned formats zipped together to one archive.

Of course I did conversion with respecting full copyright. In fact - contents are not modified at all (with the exception of Word format - see notice below), just converted to new formats.

Word (DOCX) version is sligthly modified by me. I’ve inserted page numbers in right bottom corner of each page (footer), title and copyright notice in center top part (header) of each page. I also added list of contents to the beginning in more print-like style (with each line pointing to a page number rather to be a link like in original). This way the complete Yii Framework Class Reference 1.1 can now be printed out and used as a book (or I should rather say - a bible! :). If only one has enough time, paper and toner to spent for printing over 1100 A4 pages! :slight_smile:



Great. Was this process automated somehow?

Partially. I’ve used demo version of ABC Amber CHM Converter to extract all CHM contents into MHT and PDF files and kept them untouched.

I used the same program to extract contents to DOCX and then did manual Table of Contentes insertion. Since contents of CHM file does not use headers for class name titles (at least there were not present in version converted to DOCX) I had to manually find each class name and change it to Header 1 to get Word-auto TOC generation feature. Quite a piece of work, around 2-3 hours! :)

PDF included in above link is the one generated by ABC Amber CHM Converter, i.e. non-printer friendly, without TOC at the begining. I could export printable version from DOCX to PDF. But since Word generates gigantic PDFs (~23 MB per this file) I decided not to put it in package. If someone wants printable PDF with TOC, please send me PM.

Hi Trejder,

I am new to Yii framework and I love it, I would like to download the class reference zip file for offline reading purpose.

But the link you provided is no longer valid on Rapidshare.

Would you mind sharing the zip file again?

Your kindness are very much appreciated.

Thank you.