Yii Forum

I’m about to create a forum for my site, and was wondering what the best way to do this is. Should i create one from scratch, or should i choose an extension? And is there any other forum extensions than “Yii-forum” ( http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yii-forum ) which is an unfinished project?

I would search extensions first.

And if none of the existing ones provide the functionality I need, I would create my own forum.

Sorry, I don’t know what other forum extensions there are for Yii at the moment.

i’d also like to hear if there were any other extension. Building a forum from scratch seems like taking a long time.

You can have that extension that you mentioned or found so far. And of course you can take it from there. I am sure, there might need a lot of modification to be done which you can do that for that module itself. Atleast, you don’t need to do from scratch and you will have all the idea needed for building forum itself.