Yii Forum Bug

Hi there,

If I’m not mistaken, Post a New Topic form has a small bug. The “Enable email notification of replies?” checkbox state is NOT being transmited over preview. One can select it in option, click “Preview” and if after watching preview he/she don’t open options and click this checkbox again, it will stay unchecked, causing probably notifications to be not delivered.



I’ve also noticed that e-mail notification does not work at all. Even if I have to manually check proper checkbox with above bug, I had never received any notification in any of threads started by me. I’ve check both spam folders and they are empty.

Did you check the preferences in your profile settings? Go to "Settings -> Notification Options" and check "[color=#1C2837][size=2]Watch every topic I reply to".[/size][/color]

I haven’t got that option checked (just corrected it) but this topic was started because even with this option un-checked I kept checking “Notify me…” under each topic I started and:

a) I got no notification via e-mail ever

B) After pressing “Preview” notify-checkbox on next screen remained unchecked even if it was checked before pressing “Preview”.

Above both seems to be forum bug.

I’ve just received notification about answer to my PM sent to on of forum users. Therefore I can confirm that my e-mail account correctly receive it and does not put them to SPAM. Conlusion - there seems to be something wrong with “Notify me” checkbox in editor.

Don’t know about that bug as i always have the “Watch…” feature checked.

But i guess, nobody can help you here. It’s better if you address the bug report the the forum creators:


Did you check you spam folder in your email account?

Yeap! At least once a day! Empty. Beside -> notifications about new PM messages sent to me are delivered to my e-mail address without any problems. It seems to be the problem with new post replies notifications. But since I’m the only person to suffer this problem here, in this forum then it is no longer Yii related problem.