Yii forms not refreshing

Hi, I’ve been using Yii for a little while. While it works great, there’s one problem I’m having. When I make changes to a form file, the changes aren’t reflected when I refresh the page. I’ve cleared the assets folder, and my Debug mode is set to “true”. But the forms don’t reflect changes made to them. I’m using xampp on localhost.

double check that you are amending the correct file. Most likely that would be a php file starting with underscore such as _form.php but it depends on your application

I’m using renderPartial and including _create.php for one of the forms, and _form.php for the other. When I make changes and save the files, they aren’t reflected when running the app in Yii. I had one of the forms set to enable AJAX validation, then disabled it to see if that’d help, but it didn’t.