Yii Fixtures

If I understand correctly, fixtures are executed before each test. Is there any existing method to only load the fixture aliases you require for each test?


// Users.php fixture

return array(

    'user1' => array('first_name' => 'Bob'),

    'user2' => array('first_name' => 'John'),


Then in unit test

class UsersTest extends CDbTestCase


    public function testFoo()


        // I only need user1 alias here, but both are inserted/loaded


    public function testFooAgain()


        // This time I only need user2 alias, but both are inserted/loaded



It seems unnecessary to load all fixtures for every test when it’s possible only a selection is required. Have I missed a step somewhere along the way that will allow me do this? It seems possible by overriding some of the CDbFixtureManager methods, but wondering if there’s another best practice for this, thanks.