yii-factory-girl new way to deal with test fixtures

Hey guys,

as my Yii 1.1 application grew big, so did it’s unit tests and fixtures which became a pain to manage. Alternative to fixtures are factories, here is an article regarding fixtures vs factories in Ruby:

So, I created yii-factory-girl, extension that can both replace or be an addition to Yii’s built-in fixtures. In fact, the library can co-exist out of the box with Yii’s CdbFixtureManager . With time I gradually replaced all my fixtures with factories as I’ve found them to be cleaner and easier to maintain.

I hope you find it useful. I also welcome any contributions, issues or requests on GitHub but I can’t say if and when I’d be able to find time for requests, best would be to create a Pull Request and I’ll make sure to review it as soon as possible.

There will be version for Yii2 as well, as I’m starting to migrate my work to Yii2.