Yii facebook group admins wanted

We are looking for few Yii users that would like to help us maintain the Yii facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/61355672149/

The group is public and open to anyone, but only members can post on the group.

There are currently 3 administrators (all from the Yii dev team).

As we (the dev team) are more concentrated on the yii site, this forum and Yii 2.0 development we don’t have much time to keep track of the facebook group, that’s why it happens that some SPAM posts gets unnotified by us and/or some users waits a bit too long to get approved to the group.

The "job" of an administrator would be to keep track of the group, delete SPAM messages, and accept new user requests for group membership (we accept every request, and remove a user only if he makes SPAM or unappropriate posts).

For those interested:

  • it’s important that you have enough free time to check the group (at minimum few times a day)

  • it’s important that you are a senior Yii user (to check this we will consider your forum posts number and/or your yii user rating)

  • it’s important that you have a facebook account (obviously) and use fb often

To apply you can reply to this thread or get in contact with me (PM or any of the contact details on my forum profile)

I open Yii facebook group several times a day… but my official yii forum rating maybe not enough…

But I’m very active on Yii Indonesia Facebook group…


Im also interested in this. I’m also not so sure that I have enough posts here in forum, but I have now more than one year experience in using Yii and more than half year using it in everyday job. Also, I have more help comments on this Yii group on facebook than here on this forum - its because I use facebook lot of times during the day because I also develop applications for facebook (also using Yii like base for that)…

Note me if You think that I will be enough good for that… best regards and yes, you all make world of PHP programming much much better :)

It would be better to have a page instead of a group


I’m not sure about a page as facebook is clear on who should create what… for the page it say

Pages are for organizations, businesses, celebrities, and bands to  broadcast 

great information in an official, public manner to people who  choose to connect with them

It’s really nice to see that you all want to help to maintain the Yii page “clean”.

New admis are:

gustavo (that is a yii forum manager, too)

sensorario (very active yii forum user)

MIlan Zivkovic (very active on the yii group)


+1 on yii page instead of group. If you still need a hand, simply drop me a message