Yii extension manager

While managing Yii2 applications with multiple external extensions, I encounter several problems and inconveniences. That’s why I’d like to suggest an Yii extension manager, a local project GUI that allows search, installation, management and documentation of yii2 plugins. Some of the main points I’d like to focus on:

  • Search (the current best search-alternative is google, which doesn’t give immediate relevant information like last plugin update etc.)

  • One-click installation (in my experience most extensions can be installed with at most a couple of lines in the config, which can easily be automated. Ultimately a standardized installation format, which in my opinion is lacking in the extension community)

  • Documentation (finding the right docs is often not trivial (on a github wiki, the yii extensions page, some external webpage))

  • Management (which plugins are outdated, not used in your project etc.)

  • Simple GUI that wraps the whole thing into a one go-to page.

I’d be interested to hear if others experience the same problems, and if above suggestion would be a good solution. Wouldn’t be the biggest project ever, but it would be a waste of time if nobody experiences these inconveniences ;)