Yii Extension For Responsive Filemanager Plugin For Tinymce?

Is anyone working on a Yii extension for RESPONSIVE filemanager (http://responsivefilemanager.com) to use as a plugin for TinyMCE 4?

Thank for posting link - quite interesting project.

I am also interested in a simple file manager with a good design, without useless extra functionality (like in elfinder). And I am planning to do it sometime, but I still do not had time to do it.

First seeing this project, I thought - wow ! someone did it.

But after seeing a license, I was a little upset - because I was primarily interested in its commercial use. But I thought, not a problem - just need to talk with an author, or buy a license. And went to take a look at the code, on the subject of how good it is and how it can be used for my needs.

After I seen this code - I have no doubts, I will not use it.

In few words - it is just horrible:

  • PHP code is mixed together with js and html, there is no separation of concepts.

  • they are not using benefits of OOP in php - most of code is done in procedural way.

  • in PhpStorm, I have seen lots of warning, and few errors in code(found just by simple static code analysis).

  • there is some typical mistakes in javascript code(it is not critical errors, but they can cause a lot of problems in future).

  • with high probability - there is a lot of security issues.

In general - good idea, nice design, but entirely poor implementation. It needs to be almost completely rewritten…

It can not be easily packed into extension(like appropriate ElFinder extension that I have done before).

BTW, of course you can use it as standalone application (as described in documentation for it), also it is not a problem to add appropriate configuration options to tinymce widget(at least in my extension for it).

Personally I will not use this, and highly recommend do not use this. Much better - use elFinder.

Working on a very simple filemanager extension with jsTree (actually for learning purposes), its in alpha stadium -

don’t use it in production!

All it can do now is display a file tree in a given path.

And there are no security measures taken, whatsoever.

Code is pretty messy ;)

Theres still some to do. (Implementing all the contextmenus methods, etc.)

If you’d like to chip in:

go to github and search DCFileManager (By DC-Development)

Next steps are described in the issues-view on github.