yii extension for google Calender

The Google calendar extensions written for yii framework lets you incorporate Calendar functionality into your own application or website. You can create and display the events.

This Extensions lets you perform most of the operations a normal Google Calendar user can on the Google Calendar website.

We will upload soon to yii extension, to know more follow the link,



BCITS dev Team



when I tried your DEMO, I got this:

this would be great though!



Thanks for the quick go thru,

Since our hosting provider does not support to install zend plugins we are unable to configure this online.

We are configuring one server box, once it is setup we will provide the demo.

But as we have given instructions to install , it should not stop you to go ahead and try this extension and let us know if you find any installation issues.


BCITS Dev Team



Today we have uploaded google extension in yii extension directory,

All basic operations below are supported.

  • List event

  • Create event

  • update event

  • delete event

  • day, week and month view of calendar

    Below is the extension,


    We still need to add demo page but screen shots are added,

    screen shots of google calendar extension


BCITS Dev Team,



I installed ZendFramework and setup my include path etc, but I keep running into this problem with the Zend checker:

Warning: include_once(Zend/Gdata/YouTube.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/share/php/Zend/Loader.php on line 146

I googled for solution, a lot of people are having issues with it, but no answers so far.

have you guys ran into this problem?




so, I almost got it work, but I needed to do some tweeks.

First: I imported the ZendFramework under the [font="Courier New"]protected/vendors[/font] folder because my ZendFramework installation was constantly failing with dependency issues (I have an Ubuntu 10.10 box).

Second: I also applied the ZendAutoloader extension by samdark,to make sure that all the necessary (Zend) classes are available throughout the Yii app, without messing around with [font="Courier New"]Yii::import()[/font] or [font="Courier New"]require_once()[/font] etc (I needed to add some paths here and there, where Zend was still using [font="Courier New"]include()/include_once()[/font] ).

Third: (and this is where you guys come in the picture), make sure your php.ini is set to report all PHP errors, so for example this code will fail (as it currently does!):


* PHP Error : Undefined variable: update *


// --------------------------

// $update =   $this->updateEvent($client, '49ol78ma48ko3rl6ua6d4hhr70', 'New Years Party');

//$this->deleteEventById($client, 'jbjf1jdpjiorau3bfs57attg44');

$this->render('view', array('calenderlist' => $calenderlist, 'update' => $update, 'events' => $events, 'calendardate' => $calendardate));


also, if my events have the JS fails - make sure to escape them ;)

missing } after property list [Break On This Error] title : '... Barna's Names Day', 

keep up the good work!


The issues has been now fixed.

Thank you so much for the encouragement.