yii explanation

hello dear,

I’m confuse with yii really so i need someone help …i don’t know exatly how to retrieve data from a form submitted by user as $_GET or $_POST and work with them…another problem yii is not working like cakephp, in cakephp we create the models we write the model name after that we create a action and we use set method to send data to the view ,in the view we loop only from a data to retrieve…whether data is coming from form we use an controller action to perform some actions … with yii i’m not catching that process please help me :

1)data is coming from database direct this action like actionIndex…how to do?

2)data is coming from form this is action like search()…how to do?

i’m very interesting to study yii but this concept so difficult for me


Hey have you gone through some basic tutorial.

If not please follow the below links. They are useful.

To start with search for Larry Ullman tutorial on Yii Framwwork


yes i have gone through this tutorial,now my problem is how two make query with datas from a form…i’m trying to make some basics search.

thanks very much for your helpful

Ok. I do understand your frustration. There is a nice blog written, which has 5 post on

Yii and MySQL. Just go through it.

As Yii is Object Oriented, its done in a different manner.


Hope this help! :)

thanks very much sir,i’ll go through those tutorials.