Yii Expert Required - High Expectations And High Rewards

The Project

Existing Yii project that needs completion.

Standard architecture:-

  • Yii 1.1.14

  • PHP 5.5, MySQL

  • Bootstrap 3

  • Nginx

  • Git

The Work

We are willing to accept two working scenarios based on worker availability:-

  1. To provide handhold assistance to another developer with finishing project
  • Suitable for a Yii gun who has existing commitments but is able to pickup an extra 2-4 hours per week

  • $60 per hour, billed 30 min increments

  1. To lead the project to completion
  • Up to 40 hours per week. Guess 4-6 weeks work.

  • Or perhaps 20 hours per week if you have other commitments.

  • Must provide brief daily progress reports

  • $50 per hour

The Ideal Candidate

  • Active contributor to Yii community

  • Work history of Yii projects 3 years+, and PHP 5 years+

  • Appreciation of other MVC platforms

  • Individual only - no companies

  • Good English

  • Contactable by Skype during working hours

To apply


  • Technical skills, experience and assessment of competence in each skill

  • Work history, ideally with URLs of projects worked on and role performed

  • Availability