Yii Expert Needed For Advisory / Consultancy

Hi there

We have a project which was built in .NET and is now being moved to open source (yii 1). We have PHP expertise in house, but not so much with Yii. We are hoping to get someone - has to be a freelancer - who can hold our hand during this process, save us from usual pitfalls, help reduce the learning curve and after initial build do code reviews etc

You must have:

  • Extensive experienced with PHP, MySql and Yii (A+ developer only!)

  • Experienced in large scale systems and is comfortable with web-services, databases, architecture, Jquery etc

  • Have good communication skills

  • Available online to assist and/or able to work and collaborate with our local team.

Please PM me with your details with some sample projects and references.

Please note, we are looking for a freelancer and not a Tech company.

Thank you!