Yii Expert/experts - Large International Platform

Hello Yii fans!

We are about to contract a very large and complex platform (winning system) that will be launched world wide.

The platform includes the following parts:

  • Backend application -> Yii Framework

  • Frontend application -> Dojo toolkit -> we already have a strong team in place on this part but applications are welcomed.

  • Payment system -> Yii Framework

  • Application engine -> Yii Framework

Our intention is to split the work and distribute it to several operational teams/experts and keep the project management + core development parts + quality assurance/testing in house.

We are also considering a success fee for the contractors that provide in time quality work.

We will continue the cooperation with the most relevant contractors in maintenance mode after the development part is completed.

We will budget at least one business trip to Romania for the relevant contractors -> this refers to the key milestones of the project.

The contractors with close time zones to EET are preferred.

We will give a 30 days notification for the project start for the selected contractor.

Note: We can only consider experienced providers for this job.

Relevant keywords: redmine, git, jenkins, selenium, continuous integration, scrum, distributed systems.

Looking forward for quality people that are ready to work at a great project that will generate global impact.

Please send your application to tiberiu.popa@ascendro.de

Thank you