Yii email templates

Hello, looking for some advise; we want to set up email templates (auto responder notifications) in our Yii website however the output differs with every mailbox type (Outlook, Gmail etc) more specific; the text is jumping and lettertypes are not consequent, it doesn’t look good at all. How can we arrange a structured layout for email templates. I’m not the developer, but would appreciate a push in the right direction. Thx in advance.

It is complicated. Each email client supports its own subset of CSS and styling overall so it takes time to find the right set of styles.

The most helpful resource I’ve read on the subject is https://www.emailonacid.com/blog/

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Hi Alexander, thank you for this.

In the meanwhile we managed the outlining for Outlook (most important for us) so that looks good. Now we face a new issue as we want to change the Font style of the email message. We did this succesful for Gmail but with Outlook we didn’t so far. Any sugestions on that topic as well?

Thx in advance

I have no recent experience with Outlook emails so can’t say on how to achieve it. As far as I remember the subset of styling it was supporting was reducing each year. It could be that changing font may be impossible. Search for "styling features supported by outlook " or something like that.