Yii Ecommerce Expert Wanted

Looking for a Yii expert that has heavy experience with custom ECommerce solutions, particularly with recurring billing.

Work is remote, contractual, 1-3 months, 30-40 hours per week, excellent pay.

Please contact via yiiframework.com private message functionality.

Apologies to all for the delay in response.

We are seeking advanced PHP / MySQL developers.

Ideally, you will have:

  • Excellent communication abilities

  • Advanced problem solving abilities

  • Experience in asking extremely relevant and to-the-point questions

  • Experience in identifying shortcomings in a design, and recommending practical and robust solutions

  • Strong attention to detail, both in coding style/formatting, adherence to SOLID, YAGNI, etc.

  • Experience with RabbitMQ or other message queue system

  • Advanced abilities with integrating various web services, while considering scalability, robustness, failure/retry handling, logging/reporting, etc.

  • Experience with custom eCommerce solutions, payment profiles, static and subscription payments

  • Unit and functional test development experience

  • Experience with a Continuous Integration system

  • Ability to read, create, and implement business requirements from a flow chart

  • Advanced sql/php/js knowledge and abilities

  • Advanced knowledge of web application security principles

  • Basic Linux server administration abilities

The ideal candidate can develop simple and clean solutions by first asking the correct questions to determine the exact requirements prior to implementation. We are pursuing high-level candidate(s) capable of handling a large project with fast moving requirements.

Competitive pay. Thanks for your consideration.