Yii eclipse xDebug issue

Hi guys,

being a java developer i love the debugging functionalities in Eclipse, when it comes to java though. I have gotten to a point where I really need to debug a faulty script I have written, and hope to get some help from you.

I have installed xdebug, set up firefox as default browser and all that. Looking at php_info() everything looks OK. But there is a couple of things confusing me:

  1. I have set up an debug configuration using xdebug and the default server pointing to the "path in File System". My workspace is soft linked to the WWW folder, by the way. And I have the break at first line checked. Then I choose the view file which I need to debug in the file chooser. I press debug, then a new browser window pops up with "http://localhost/project/protected/views/enduser/newSearch.php?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=ECLIPSE_DBGP&KEY=13142992422339" (anyone can explain the extra information in URL?), and as expected I stop at the first line which is:


This is all good until i try to step further, because nothing happens. It seems like the debugger just quits. The controller of the view has a accessrule which says that you have to be logged in to view the page. Can this be the problem?

  1. I have another window open with an logged in user. I press refresh and I get taken to the main index.php file, can step into some session checking, but I never reach the breakpoint I set on the page. Strangely, html code of the page gets written into to "Debug Output" window.

I am new to debugging php, and Yii. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have spent some hours now so help would be highly appreciated.

thanks guys,

Ole Martin

For those that come across same problem. I had my workspace linked to the apache web root folder, which is why I could not debug anything. To resolve the issue I changed apaches root folder to point to my workspace.

I can now debug my view and controller scripts.

Ole Martin