YII Easy Development v1.0.0

YED is a module that facilitate rapid web application development using YII Framework. YED gives your YII Model an ORM feel, you only need to define the columns configurations in the model and execute YED migration.

YED also have a base controller that implements dynamic CRUD which works for all models. The base controller have several class properties that you can configure to your taste.



  • Manages migrations

  • Generates form from column configurations

  • Provides dynamic CRUD views for all your models

  • Currently supports Yiibooster modules for UI elements

  • Generates relation rules

  • Displays many relations in detail view

  • Collection of utility functions for YII and PHP

  • Provides access, action and migration logs

  • Provides Action logs

  • Automatic handling of file uploads

Since I’m new hear, I am unable to embed link but you can search for the module on Github with the name yii-easy-dev