Yii domain names available

I’ve got some Yii-related domains lying around that I don’t use, and I’m going through my list of domains to clean some of them up.

If I just don’t renew them, they’ll definitely be squatted by some pesky ad-site that will at best display nonsense on them, and at worst use them for something bad, who knows. It’d be better if they could be used by someone for real instead.

For that reason, I’m wondering if anyone here is interested in the following domains?

If you are, please respond ASAP as I need to decide in a few days what do to with them. Thanks!


Btw, Yii.dev is available($229+/yr).

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$229/yr is way too much for .dev Something in the range of $20-$30 would be realistic. Seems someone registered it already :slight_smile:

Most of yii.* domains are Premium Domain, that is why they are expensive. :grinning:
That price came from godaddy/namecheap, but it may not be worth buying.

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