Yii does not translate my application messages


This is really interesting. On my localhost everything works correctly. I have:

'sourceLanguage' => 'en_us',

'language' => 'ru',

Yii translates both core messages and my application messages I have in /protected/messages/ru/…

I use Yii::t() for translation. I already use it for over 6 months. So I am quite good at it. BUT.

Yesterday I have uploaded the entire site after the development to the live server. I have changed nothing except for DB username/password. But for some UFO reasons, Yii translates only core messages and does not translate my application messages.

What can be a reason for this?

It is very urgent as the site is live. I would really appreciate if you could point me to the problem.

Check the filename for the translated messages (in case your development OS wasn’t case sensitive).


Man, you’re incredible! I would give you a Nobel prize! How the … I couldn’t think of it before! I develop on Windows and, of course, the server is on Linux.

But, thanks to you I will never encounter this issue again.

Thank you!