Yii documentation to sqlite migration.

The project i am on this days is not a yii one but yii related. My final purpose is to be able to run an IRC bot in the #yii channel on freenode and be able to get informations about documentation from it.

The bot i am going to use is a phergie bot and i will have to write a plugin for it where the bot will have to retrieve the info about the yii documentation from a db, but this is an other story :)

Ok. Bravo?!

The reason i am posting is to let ppl know that i have made the first migration and you can get it from >>>> Database.

This migration ended up with 1451 know warnings.

For some reason ( my script bug when parsing the data?! ) i could not get some properties or methods names and when trying to add them to db i was getting errors and the script was stopping.

So i set an !isset and if the name of method or property is not set i give a random value.

Whoever wants can check the repo of this mini project and contribute, give ideas etc.


Today i migrated the current yii framework version documentation the result was about:

Correct: 30549

Error: 1522

entries… that means about 1522 wrong method or properties entries for all the classes. I will try to troubleshoot this at the moment and finally update the database.

Migration script was corrected and updated to version 0.3 with result a database with no errors.

Feel free to download.