Yii Documentation In Your Android Phone


The class reference may be at hand. Look at the application for android.

QR-code link: 4008



  • add search {since 1.1}

  • tablet edition {since 2.0}

I will be glad to your comments.

Update application

  • Add search class


  • handset and tablet edition

  • fix some bug



We have develop webservice in Yii for Android Application. Using webservice (pass data in JSON format) we display data in Android Application as well as we get the data from App and store them into our database.

Interesting !. Good work.

But just curious why would anybody use android App when development is done on PC/Laptop and they have access to net.

I hope we soon move development to Android itself replacing Windows/Linux etc and then use this.

It would be very handy when doing development offline. I frequently do work on the train, so an easily accessible reference would be very useful. Sadly, I have a Windows phone, not Android.



  • fix some bugs

  • improved interface

The Yii 2 documentation as you know is now released and should be accessible across devices (as it uses Bootstrap 3 mobile first styling).

thanks for this app, I have it on my phone and it has been really helpful.

Good work…I like the UI quite user friendly.