Yii Docs Generator

Hi, I edited the documentation builder from Yii’s build process to allow it to be used on Yii apps as well as just the core framework. It generates nice HTML / CHM documentation from your app source code. It’s a work in progress and probably won’t work well with modules yet. Check it out on github: https://github.com/phpnode/Yii-Docs-Generator

Hey, thumbs up for you, phpnode!

A simple, yet very very useful idea!

Please place it in the extension repository when you can.


Thanks very much phpnode! You saved me a lot work! Thanks, thanks, thanks!! ;D

Good work phpnode!


André Abreu

Can this extension generate the package tree like Yii.And it have the search function?

Can this generate Yii official API/Blog example and definitive Guide in Chm enabled files (html/css/js plus hhc, hhp, hhk)?

Hello, very nice command/extension.

But, as you said, it doesn’t work with modules.

If two different modules have same DefaultController name in controller it generates an error:

"PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class DefaultController…"

so it doesn’t work with modules, yet. How to overcome this?