Yii Disable Link After Update In Clistview

I am looking for a correct syntax to disable a CHtml link when the value is "1" in clistview.

This is my code. I tried some arrays, but always got error. I do not know the correct syntax to make it work.

<?php echo CHtml::link($data->EstadoDetalle==1?'Entregada':'No entregada', array('estado', 'id'=>$data->CodigoDetalleReceta)); ?>

Does CHtml::link support "disabled" status?

Why don’t you do it simple like this?


if ($data->EstadoDetalle == 1) {

  echo CHtml::link('Entregada' array('estado', 'id'=>$data->CodigoDetalleReceta));

} else {

  echo 'No entregada';



I am new to yii and php and i was having error with the sintax, still need a lot to learn these are the 2 codes that i used:

For totally hide the link:

if($data->EstadoDetalle != 1){

    echo CHtml::link('Entregada', array('estado', 'id'=>$data->CodigoDetalleReceta));


And this one:

echo CHtml::link(

    'Link Title',

    ($data->CodigoDetalleReceta == 1) ? array('estado', 'id'=>$data->CodigoDetalleReceta) : 'javascript:void(0);'