Yii development


I have a question to development team.

We have an idea of using Yii in our projects. We should learn it deeper to make final decision, but there is a question: If we use this framework and share it's ideas, is it possible to participate in it's development? By partipating I don't mean full-time development, but some ideas, fixes, contributions, documentation that we develop for ourselves when working with this framework?

Also if we use this framework, we'll develop documentation in russian for it and russian or, more probable, ukrainian l18n. We'd like to contribute this also.

How all this process is organized? What are qualification requirements etc.

Thank you for considering Yii!

The development of Yii will be mainly community driven. Community contributions come in the following forms:

  1. participate in forum discussions

  2. report bugs or request new features

  3. submit patches to reported bugs or features

  4. create and share Yii extensions on Yii's extension repository (will be available when Yii 1.0 is formally released). If some extensions are commonly needed, we will consider including them in the framework release.

  5. write various tutorials about Yii

  6. help translating messages, views and documentation of Yii to different languages

As you can see, the work you proposed to do already fill in one or several of the above areas.

In order to be part of the developer team, it will take us some time to research on the candidate background and capabilities. The candidate also needs to commit sufficient time to help develop the framework and agree on certain copyright terms.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. Welcome aboard and feel free to ask if you encounter any problems.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed :)

We’re in process of evaluating different frameworks now, your answer is very helpful and gives additional “+” to the Yii rating :)

What I really like about it - is excellent communication from the development team.