Yii development tool


Nice addition. What will be the scope of the tool? And would ./yii vanish?

Have the team thought of creating a module like Gii but that works via API calls so code generation can be easier from especially for generation of multiple classes of the same kind generation, where IDEs come to rescue (IDE can send multiple requests to Gii quickly than using Gii interface)

What’s your thought on that?

Current scope is developing Yii itself. Potentially it could be used in case you’re both developing your own application and contributing to Yii.

./yii won’t vanish. These are different.

Haven’t got the idea about Gii but that’s certainly not related to this tool.

I mentioned Gii because I didn’t knew the scope of the tool and if it was going to replace ./yii (which have Gii functionalities)

So given your answer why three tools? yii+yii-dev+Gii? Can’t yii and yii-dev at least be merged into one tool? I will open a different thread about Gii, since yii-dev isn’t going to be replacement

Because all three have different purpose:

  1. ./yii is application level command line entry point.
  2. ./yii-dev is a command line tool to help developing Yii itself. It is like ./build/build from Yii 2. If one isn’t contributing to the framework he won’t ever need to use it.
  3. gii is application code generation tool that is based upon 1..
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