Yii Developer Required On Site In London Uk

Dear Yii Community,

We are looking for an experienced Yii Developer to work full time on site in London, UK on a contract basis for a minimum of 6 months for a start-up tech company. If you are not based in London UK please do not reply to this posting.

Essential to be a seasoned PHP developer with commercial experience with Yii implementing OO methodologies. Must be fluent in the common range of related technologies including PostgreSQL, standards based HTML, CSS and JavaScript (including jQuery) and competent in using GIT/SVN distributed version control systems.

Aside from core development skills it would be useful for the developer to have good understanding of geo-location / mapping technologies (OpenStreetMap, MapBox, Google Maps etc.) given the subject matter of the company. Must have native level English skills and exceptional attention to detail.

Please PM me if you are interested (don’t reply via a public post) including details of your experience.

Only individuals considered (not companies nor agencies) and once again - this is only open to candidates available to work on site in central London, UK.

Kind Regards,