Yii developer, part-time contract from anywhere

We are a startup with limited funding and want to bring on-board a Yii developer with experience to help us finish our first product. Founder has experience with startups, has been featured on TechCrunch and other media many times, so it’s a serious project and you may get a lot of visibility from helping us build this product.

To apply, you MUST send 20 lines of the best code you have written with Yii. We’ll conduct interviews to further test your coding skills. Make sure you know what an object is, how to properly avoid SQL injections, etc. :slight_smile:

You can work from anywhere remotely, not an issue, as an independent contractor. Full-time is NOT required.

Email: alain at foundrs dot com

We’re still looking for a Yii developer. Email me (address is in the first message in the thread).


I am interested. I am not a professional yii developer, but a hobbyist. I cannot talk or understand your jargons. But I can code, and code pretty well. I don’t want to be interviewed, neither I want to be payed initially. But if you like my work pay me later.