Yii Developer opportunity - freelance and full time


We have really enjoyed the Yii framework, and we’re looking for both a freelance and a full time developer (two different positions). We have a CMS that we’ve built with Yii as well. You can assume that we’re looking for someone with the following experience:

  • Strong LAMP experience

  • SVN version control / FTP / Server security

  • HTML5 / Jquery / CSS

The selected candidates will work with our in-house team, which includes a strong front-end developer who will handle the majority of HTML5/CSS/Jquery for projects.

If you are interested, please send an email with information about yourself to production@visualade.com

Thank you~

What’s the location?

according to their website: Long Beach, CA

Yes, we’re in Long Beach, CA. Remote is fine for freelance. Full time is possible for remote work… but not the first choice. Thank you~