Yii developer is available in the Czech Rep

Hi all. I have been working with Yii1 in years 2010-2021 and with Yii2 2018-2021 mainly in automotive industry. I built from scratch one supplier portal and a few smaller backoffice systems for previous employers or friends. Currently I am on Yii1 projects since 2020 as a freelancer.

What am I looking for:

I would like to work with a well setup system in Yii2 (tests, migrations, cron, nice code, git, ci/cd pipelines, docker/vagrant … ) so I am applying here. Or I can help to build such a system from scratch as well.

I live in Czech Republic (cities Karlovy Vary / Prague), I speak Czech, English and a little bit German. I like data, databases, calculations, OOP, exporting data to PDFs, REST APIs etc. Generally I consider my self to be a technical backend programmer (not a UI expert) but VueJs would be a challenging side-technology.

Note: I also worked with environments like UI5, C++, .Net, Java, ABAP but I always felt back to the world of PHP.