Yii debuging using eclipse


I am trying to debug a Yii cron job that I have created using eclipse and zend debugger but I can’t succeed on doing it. From what I have read in order to make the cron work I have to call the cron.php file in cmd having as argument the commands name(i.e: path/to/cron/file test). I have tried in eclipse to debug as a script sending as parameter the commands name(I receive an error saying that the script recognizes only one command, the eclipse sends also as arguments start_debug, etc.) and also tried to link the eclipse console(which I’ve made to work like cmd.exe) to my project.

Does anyone succeeded into debuging a cronjob?


Does anybody know how to debug, using eclipse, a windows cmd command which calls a php cronjob from my project?

I wrote about debugging PHPUnit test not long ago, since it is script base, maybe you can take a look and pick what you need? Basically you can debug php scripts with


I do exactly as you mention in the link but I receive the following error:

Yii command runner (based on Yii v1.1.6) Usage: start_debug=1&send_sess_end=1&debug_session_id=1005&debug_start_session=1&debug_port=10000&debug_stop=1&debug_host= [parameters…] The following commands are available: - test To see individual command help, use the following: start_debug=1&send_sess_end=1&debug_session_id=1005&debug_start_session=1&debug_port=10000&debug_stop=1&debug_host= help

I want to debug the following command line:

cron.php test

Can you please help?