Yii Debug Toolbar

The Yii Debug Toolbar is a configurable set of panels that display various

debug information about the current request/response and when clicked, display

more details about the panel’s content.

It is a ported to PHP famous Django Debug Toolbar.

Currently, the following panels have been written and are working:

  • Server info

  • Request timer

  • A list of superglobals

  • Application settings

  • SQL queries including time to execute and param bindings

  • Logging output via Yii built-in logging


Download source from GitHub.

Extract the yii-debug-toolbar from archive under protected/extensions.

Usage and Configuration

For use yii-debug-toolbar need to specify new route in log component:










Make sure your IP is listed in the ipFilters setting. If you are working locally this option not required.


See: https://github.com/malyshev/yii-debug-toolbar/issues

Working preview


this looks cool! why don’t you put it here http://www.yiiframework.com/extension


very cool extension, thanks a lot

I was trying submit my extension in Yii extension directory, but could not do it, because first need to introducing in our forum. Now I see I can do it. I hope my extension will be very useful for Yii community.

If any have some todo’s or bugs found please submit to project issue tracker on GitHub. Thanks a lot.

Very nice and good-looking extension :)

There’s a similar one: yiidebugtb.

Now is updated))

  • Added SQL syntax highlighting

  • Added highlighting of potentially inefficient queries

  • Miscellaneous fixes and UI enhancements

Thank for all for ideas and assistance

I think a good idea for you , if you look in ZF debug, is to add


You can discover a lot of cool stuff

like here http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23881-most-hangry-framework/

Hello guys.

Newest version on GitHub contains new debug panel. View rendering debug panel allows to see all info about rendered view files. I glad to get your feedbacks about how it works in your applications.

Hi Skinner,

I am trying to use Yii Debug Toolbar, but I dont see anything.

I downloaded the extension in /protected/extensions/

And my config is:






        	        //If true, then after reloading the page will open the current panel


                	// Access is restricted by default to the localhost

	                'ipFilters'=>array('','::1', '172.*.*.*'),

    	            //This is a list of paths to extra panels.


            	        'YiiDebugToolbarPanelExample', // add as last

                	    'prepend:YiiDebugToolbarPanelExample', // add as first





But it doesnt display any toolbar in my app… If I set a normal route like ‘class’=>‘CWebLogRoute’, I get the normal output at the bottom of the page.

Guys! Yii Debug Toolbar has updated! Check it now! )))

Hey ) Use the latest version and config like that:



// Access is restricted by default to the localhost

‘ipFilters’=>array(‘’,’::1’, ‘172.*’),


Additional panels functionality it 3-rd party developed and I’m not sure is it works.

beautiful thanks

Hey man, very nice extension. Do you know why mine doesn’t show queries? Every thing else works as expected…

Is there some config I have to set up for the queries?

In my case, I had this displayed:

so I just added to my config file

[font=“Courier New”]‘db’=>array(

‘connectionString’ => ‘mysql:host=localhost;dbname=myDB’,

‘emulatePrepare’ => true,

‘username’ => ‘myUsername’,

‘password’ => ‘myPwd’,

‘charset’ => ‘utf8’,



(I use a MySQL DB)

Btw, thanx skinner for this great extension

very awesome! B)

Hi Skinner,

This seems to be a very helpful extension. However I am not getting this toolbar working out. :(

I apologize for my "amateurism" but how can I see toolbar panels after configuring everything as documented?

Thanks in advance,



where is the additionalPanels config gone?



Is there a way to disable it on specific view?

I’ve just now added yii-debug-toolbar as git submodule, so it’s now in


due to your folder config.

My config is:

// Debug toolbar

                'toolbar' => array(

                    'class'     => 'ext.yii-debug-toolbar.yii-debug-toolbar.YiiDebugToolbarRoute',

                    'ipFilters' => array('10.*.*.*', '192.168.*.*'),

                    'enabled'   => true,


And my IP is in range 196.168..

I modified the init function like this

    public function init()




        echo ($this->enabled ? "enabled" : "not enabled") . "<BR>";

        echo "Your ip: ".  Yii::app()->request->userHostAddress . "<BR>";

        echo ( ($this->allowIp(Yii::app()->request->userHostAddress)) ? "ip allowed" : "ip not allowed" ) . "<BR>";

        $this->enabled && $this->enabled = ($this->allowIp(Yii::app()->request->userHostAddress)

                && !Yii::app()->getRequest()->getIsAjaxRequest() && (Yii::app() instanceof CWebApplication));

        if ($this->enabled)


            Yii::app()->attachEventHandler('onBeginRequest', array($this, 'onBeginRequest'));

            Yii::app()->attachEventHandler('onEndRequest', array($this, 'onEndRequest'));

            Yii::setPathOfAlias('yii-debug-toolbar', dirname(__FILE__));





            $this->categories = '';


        } else {

            echo "ARGH, NON ENABLED " . PHP_EOL;




To show where the problem come from. I got:


Your ip:

ip not allowed

the problem is here:

 if (preg_match('/^[\d\.]*\*?$/', $filter)) {

                $filter = rtrim($filter, '*');

                if (strncmp($ip, $filter, strlen($filter)) === 0)


                    return true;



So i Must explicit 192.168.0.,, … etc… annoyiing !

I’ll open an issue, and I’ll try to find a less restictive regexp …

EDIT: I found that 10.* or 192.168.* will work.