YII_DEBUG=false, scriptMap, partialRender problem

Hey everyone

Maybe somehow i misunerstood something and this is a silly question,

but i really am at a loss:

While developing (with YII_DEBUG set to true) i implemented some partial views

and rendered them partially with the arguments output=true and postProcess = true.

To avoid requesting included js and css files i included scriptMap = false for the

included files in my partial views.

Now i have switched YII_DEBUG to false and i am getting sever console errors in the

browser, hinting that the javascript files are somehow not present anymore, when i remove

the scriptMap part in the partial views, it works again.

What am i missing, what am i doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance.

wondering if this thread helps?

sadly no, i saw this thread, but my problem are javascript files i included in my project

and javascript files from the yii-bootstrap extension. I can see they are transferred (in chrome F11 mode, under network) but somehow they are not “present” in the partial render :(

ok, it was a bit related to that post , i added jquery.min.js to my script map (with false) and now everything is ok, what i still don’t understand is how that broke the load of the other javascript files, does someone have an explanation?