Yii CUploadedFile::getInstance can't reach field at 55 above

I have get trouble in yii 1 with CUploadedFile::getInstance. There is 50 field in my table, the problem is when i want get value from field 26 until 50 which with FileField , the value of file field is null but if i try to get the value of from field 1 to 25which with fielField no problem i can get the value.

I try to get the value from controller create like this



i get the value of $uploadedFile

But if i try to get value from fielField 26 above like this



i get null value of $uploadedFile

I thinks it becauser the controller can’t reach field 55 above. Why? :rolleyes:

im very confuse with this trouble an for your knows this trouble happen after i’m online my application to the hosting server, in xampp it running normallt all filefield can read the value from input form. I check more there is diffrenet version from my xampp with the hsoting server. is it posibble the diferent version of php in localhost with php in hosting srver caused my problem?. My php version in localhost is 5.2 but in the server 5.4. Thanks in advance for your answer…