Yii Crud In Not Completing

For the table users, I have written like

yiic shell model users (it works) crud users

The last line does not finish

>> crud users

unchanged UseersController.php

unchanged UsersTest.php

unchanged create.php

unchanged update.php

unchanged index.php

unchanged view.php

…then it hangs

So when I go to qdr/index.php?r=words/create

it shows some error like

WordsController cannot find the requested view "_form".


The result is supposed to be like-

>> crud User

generate UserController.php

generate UserTest.php

mkdir D:/testdrive/protected/views/user

generate create.php

generate update.php

generate index.php

generate view.php

generate admin.php

generate _form.php

generate _view.php

so the _form.php, _view.php etc is not created.

Why is this? Please give me a solution.

I didn’t know that crud worked with Yii.

It has been deprecated for ages.

Try Gii instead - read the guide:


thanks very much mate. Now I got the idea.

Cool! :)