Yii cpagination

Hi all,

I am new in yii,i have one problem.

In yii admin section,especially one management section i have more than 100 records,

In that i choosen one record for edit using filter section in 55 page(pagination),after that my work is completed in that record it goes to first page,bcoz the page is loaded,i need to show the 55th page only after

my works are completed in that page,even the page is loaded also,what can i do?

Pls help me guys.

Thanks in advance.

A lot of built in Yii components has pagination already implemented. You have to read a little bit and (or) search this forum to find solution. It is simple as that!

Hi duri,

Thanks for your reply,

I search lot of results,but can’t identifiy the correct one for this problem.

can u understand the issue,I built the pagination,its working correctly,i need to show the custom page

(i.e page no 55)on after the page loaded,which was one of the record in 55th page i edited this page before.

after edited the 55th page record it showing the pagination form 1st,i need to show the page on 55th page only.

Pls tell any solution for this issue.

A decent solution may be storing the page number parameter of your index page (possibly along with the sorting order and the searching filter parameters) in the user’s session.

Then you can recognize what page number, what sorting order and what filter the user had when he/she was in the index page at the previous time.

Hi softark,

Thanks for your reply.

I will explain clearly,in admin panel section i have the product’s order management in one of the side menu,In that order management have only two options,one for view the and the other one is delete option .

Totally i have more than 100 orders in that,now i am seeing 55th page in pagination,in that i am going to viewing one record using the view button,after that i am just click the browser back button,i that page i need to show the 55th page automatically which i seeing before.

Now it showing the 1st page records,now i want to do repeatedly do this paginaition process till i reach the 55th page.Instead of this one i want to show the 55th page when i click the back button in browser.

Pls help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Please take a look at this topic. It is discussing exactly the same issue that you want to solve.

It’s an old topic, but is still valid now.

Hi softark,

Thank you very much.The problem is solved now,u give me a exact solution.

Thank you once again and thanks duri for your reply.