Yii course for new developers

I am thinking of developing a yii course to help beginners

Who do you think should have the course?


basic course for new developers

That was the answer to your question :slight_smile:

I want to have ideas of what to put in the content of my course

I have this sketch that you should have a basic course yii2

Course objective
At the end of my course, students will be able to make a system with the yii2 framework, with its respective database in mysql, which will serve as the basis for later systems. In addition to generating enough confidence to continue your process as a programmer using a framework (MVC).

A. Configuration and installation of Yii2
1.-What is MVC, PHP, Yii2
2.-Install apache server (wamp) and install IDE (development environment)
3.-Installing via composer
4.-Install from a compressed file

B. Hello world and first steps
5.-Generate DNS for my project from wamp
6.-Create a hello world from a controller

C. Working with Forms
7.-Create a form from scratch

D. Database
8.-Install the postgresql database manager
9.-Create database and my first table from postgresql

E. Connecting to database and Gii
10.-Connect to database (different options)
11.-Generating Code with Gii

any suggestions?

I think it’s a good idea to split it into several courses:

  1. Programming for beginner.
  2. PHP.
  3. Object-oriented programming and design.
  4. Yii and PHP frameworks in general.
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Any framework is almost useless without points 1—3.

For Yii 1.1, we used to have a great step-by-step tutorial for beginners, i.e., Larry Ullman’s “Learning the Yii Framework” (https://www.larryullman.com/series/learning-the-yii-framework/).
It would be great if you are going to write a same kind of tutorial for Yii 2. :grin:

I would love to have a copy of some of your books but unfortunately I do not have the money. Likewise thanks for the suggestion

The idea is to take a beginner and start with my course to make systems. That’s how I learned. But I think it’s a good idea to divide it into several courses only that I offer that the student will be programmed

Entry levels are quite different so by dividing courses you’ll have larger reach.

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I take the idea @samdark . I’m going to do it like that ! Thank you very much

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