Yii Controller Name Convention

Hi all,

I have a controller named CategoryAdminController.php which is able to access by {siteurl}/categoryadmin/index in my localhost which is in Windows mechine. But when I try to launch it in my remote server which is in Linux platform, it is unable to load the page. But when I rename my controller as CategoryadminController.php (and the class name accordingly), it is working fine.

Is there any way to load the page while keeping the original name in the controller (ie: CategoryAdminController.php)

Thank you

According to Yii guide, seems it is not possible.


Any ideas?

The URL should be: {siteurl}/categoryAdmin/index

Yii can’t know which file to load, CategoryAdmin or CategoryaDmin etc :)


That is because of case sensitive of linux machines. You have to enable the case in-sensitive at linux machine. This link may help you!.


Cheers !