Yii connection with Hive

Hello Everyone,

We have recently installed hadoop and hive. Also we got success in hive connection with PHP and it is working fine. But now I want to integrate my older application with hive which is in Yii framework. So now I want to use mysql as well as hive both connection in single application. But I am not getting how to connect hive with Yii. Please help me if anyone have any idea about it.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I need help in connection between hive and Yii.I have searched a lot but not getting anything. Can you please suggest me possible ways for the same. Looking for your response.

Thank you in advance.


While I cannot help with your problem, I have a question:

Is there any specific reason why you open a new thread instead of using the one you created here 5 days ago?


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Probably you need to give more information to get a help, since there seems to be not very many people who have experience both in Yii and hadoop+hive.

Me? Sorry, but I don’t know what hadoop+hive is. :-[