Yii Cmultifileupload Select Multiple Files At Once Doesnt Work

i want to select multiple files at once, but only ONE File always shows up in the MultiFile-list Div container with the possibility to delete it. But i want to shop up all the files i selected, or only how many files were selected What am i doing wrong?

wenn i selected multiple files, only the first one appears as selected.

$this->widget('CMultiFileUpload', array(

'model' => $gallery,

'name' => 'attachments',

'accept' => 'jpg|png',

'denied' => 'Only jpgs and pngs allowed',

'max' => 100,

'duplicate' => 'Already Selected',



'htmlOptions' => array('multiple' => 'multiple', 'size' => 25)



The “multiple” attribute isn’t supported by all browsers. Are you testing in Internet Explorer 9 or below?


working with latest chrome.

multiple attribute works fine, but my cmultifileupload widget not going to show all my selected files in the view. only the first one i selected.

dont know why…

In which case, I guess it’s because the jQuery plugin that the widget is based on doesn’t support this use case. There are no examples on their site showing the use of the multiple attribute, they all select one at a time.

I think you’ll need to use an extension if you need that functionality.


Also note this point from the web site:

Maybe try changing the name to "attachments[]".

this is an issue inside this pluging for some browsers.