Yii Cmultifileupload Multi Select

I have a multifile upload form, all works fine, if I select the files one by one, all appears behind the browser button, but if I select multiples files when I am browsing only appears the first one, why can it be?


$this->widget('CMultiFileUpload', array(

    'name' => 'docs_multiple',




    'duplicate' => 'Ya esta.', // useful, i think

    'denied'=>'Archivo erróneo.',

    'htmlOptions' => array('multiple' => 'multiple'),

    'max'=>10, // max 10 files



if (isset($files) && count($files) > 0) {

                // go through each uploaded image

                foreach ($files as $archivo => $arc) {

                    echo $arc->name.'<br />';

                    $rnd = rand(0,9999);

                    $fileName = "{$rnd}-{$arc->name}";

                    if ($arc->saveAs(Yii::app()->basePath.'\..\uploads\\'.$fileName)) {

                        $add_file = new ZfDocumentacionInmueble;

                        $add_file->doc_titulo = $arc->name; 

                        $add_file->doc_ruta = $fileName; 

                        $add_file->zf_inmuebles_inmueble_id = $model->zf_inmuebles_inmueble_id; 

                        $add_file->doc_fecha_subida = $fecha_ini;

                        $add_file->save(); // DONE



                        echo 'No se pudo subir.';








Anyone? T_T

I have the same problem, and still don’t know how to solve it. For example, I select a few files in “Open File” window, than click “Open”, and all of this files download successfully, but only one, which was selected last is displayed.

Could anybody help us?)

Same issue here. I guess there is no solution?

Same problem. Interesting that the selected files are submited, even if not visible in the form.