Yii CMS for about page

I wnat to add interface to edit about page…

i.e CMS for about page can anybody help…


You might take a look at the Phundament CMS on the Extension site for ideas or do a search on the forum for CMS to learn about other Yii-based CMS solutions available on Github and other repositories. I believe that Phundament is composed of two modules and there are separate contributions on the Extension site for downloading them separately.

Another solution is to expand on the Blog tutorial by refactoring it as a CMS. You could rename the ‘post’ table to something like ‘content’ and change your code accordingly. You will need to add a hierarchial category table based on the Adjacency-List or Nested-Set tree approaches and generate crud using Gii. There are extensions or tutorials for implementing both approaches on the Extensions and Wiki sites. If you need to support content in multiple languages, you need to add a language column to both tables. You can populate the language field using a separate table, create a widget for loading a language list or handle it using a helper. There is a bit more to it than just the above but this is a start. You can ask more questions as you go along. If I was doing it, I would probably convert the Blog tutorial code into a module called content, create a separate module for category, and move the comment code into a module of its own. I would probably create a parent module called cms and add the other modules as submodules under the cms module.

You can of course start from scratch and build your own CMS to meet personal needs.