Yii Cmenu Dropdown?

I would like just a simple dropdown menu. I tried this


But it does not work :(

Why a basic dropdown menu feature does not being built into cmenu?

Yet yiiframework.com itself has a nice dropdown main menu…

Yeah, it would be nice if Yii had built in support for drop down menus when you create multiple levels. It seems common enough to warrant a basic default implementation.

Have you tried this extension?

that one can help also …

I tried these extensions too, they look totally out of the place for my app which is based on the basic starting app generated by gii. They also has minor problems like selected item not highlighted and etc.

mbmenu work best but to customize the look and feel to match the gii theme is out of my expertise and time consuming, i’m a programmer not a designer i should be concentrating on programming the business logic…