Yii Cmemcache + Mysql 5.6

MySQL’s 5.6 built in memcache implementation is only limited in compatibility with the Yii cache hashing mechanism. For instance this does not work.

		$x = new Memcache();


		Yii::app()->cache->set("@@match.$id", "testing");

		var_dump( $x->get("@@match.$id") );

		var_dump( Yii::app()->cache->get("@@match.$id") );

The $x version gives me what I want, the Yii version does not.

I get this in the database 7ef87e1d1c39e50ecfae2314c6b88d00 | a:2:{i:0;s:7:"testing";i:1;N;}

This is fine, but I think going forward you’re going to have to figure something else out otherwise we’ll always have to override the CMemCache class. I recommend looking for the @@ and not doing a hash. I can do a pull request if you want.