Yii Cmemcache Error


Hi Guys,

        	Thanks in Advance. I have a issue regarding  Yii  Cmemcache. I am getting error as 

         	[b]Memcache::get() [<a href='memcache.get'>memcache.get</a>]:  Server localhost (tcp 80) failed with: Malformed VALUE header (0)	


        	Environment  :  PHP 5.3.8 (VC9) , XAMPP 1.7.7 , Windows XP service pack-2

       	Steps are as follows

        	1- installed compatible php_memcache.dll  (VC9) file in my  E:\php\ext  directory.

        	2-  Enabled extension in php.ini  with	"extension=php_memcache.dll" 

        	3- Configured cache settings in  config/main.php  code is as follows

  'cache' => array(

                 	'class'   => 'system.caching.CMemCache',

                 	'servers' => array(

                                    	array('host'=>'localhost', 'port'=>80, 'weight' => 100),



     	4- The cache settings are under component section of  php.ini 

     	5- Restarted Apache server 

      	6- I am getting error as mentioned above.

Is there configuration any setting is wrong or problem with installation . Please help me ASAP.

BTW my PHP setting for memcache are in attachment .

Thanks again.3643


Port 80 ist (mostly) used by HTTP. The Default port for Memcached is 11211.