Yii Clistview Ajax - Displaying Number Of Records Next To Checkbox Used To Filter Data

As the title says, i want to display the number of records next to the checkbox i am using to filter clistview data. This can be easily handled on page load, however when doing an AJAX request, the $.fn.yiiListView.update code updates just the list data and due to the auto magic, I need some insight over how to perform operations such as update the number adjacent to each checkbox or disable a checkbox corresponding to suitable data.

I really love the power given by CListView and wan’t to stick to it as much as possible, hoping for quick resolution to this.

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A better look at the CListView module got me the answer.

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(








          'ajaxUrl'=> $this->createUrl('/experience/ajaxindex'),

          'ajaxUpdate' => 'ratingFilter',



The key was the ajaxUpdate property that takes in id’s of the tags to be updated along with the list. Multiple id’s can be specified by comma separating them as part of the value.

Yii! ::)