Yii Clistview Ajax - Displaying Number Of Records Next To Checkbox Used To Filter Data

As the title says, i want to display the number of records next to the checkbox i am using to filter clistview data. This can be easily handled on page load, however when doing an AJAX request, the $.fn.yiiListView.update code updates just the list data and due to the auto magic, I need some insight over how to perform operations such as update the number adjacent to each checkbox or disable a checkbox corresponding to suitable data.

I really love the power given by CListView and wan’t to stick to it as much as possible, hoping for quick resolution to this.

I think some screenshot will help you to get answer soon… since your explanation is good… hard to imagine the current output :(


I am new to yii, Actually I got a requirement to develop as same as above question.Can anyone you please help me out.

For reference Please find the screenshot.